Cable Sweater: The How’s and What’s Of Dressing Up

Winter – that time when you need to take out your thick winter clothes. When it comes to the cold weather, one of the most reliable choices of wear for this season is indeed the ever reliable sweater. This type of clothing comes in a number of styles and one of the most popular is the cable knit type. Also known as the cable sweater, this type of clothing is created using cable knitting – something that has originated in Britain.

This type of sweater was designed to be weather resistant and was originally created for the working-class community, providing warmth and comforts as people worked their way through the winters, especially in fishing communities. Today, these types of clothing are available all over the United States, and still channel the same traditional rope-knit appearance that once started in the United Kingdom.

Styles and Designs

Cable sweaters come in a variety of designs and styles, and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Popular designs include the:

– Crewneck – The crewneck is a simple design which is similar to the basic t-shirt with a round neck. Crewnecks are very simple to look at, yet have a classic and preppy appeal to it. These can be worn by both men and women alike.

– Turtleneck – The turtleneck styles are clothes with long necks that end right under the chin. Turtlenecks can be worn on their own with jeans, pants or skirts, but they can also be layered underneath blazers.

– V-Neck – The v-neck is also like the crewneck , as it is classic and versatile as well. V-neck options work for different body-types and easily go with dress pants or casual pants, and can also be paired with skirts for women.

– Cardigans – Cardigans can come as crew-neck or v-neck types, but unlike your typical sweaters, they have buttons up front so you do not need to pull them over your head. Cardigans are excellent for layering, and are appropriate for casual settings in school or work.

What To Pair Them With

Your cable knit sweater can work well in different settings – the key is simply to accessorize and to pick the right clothes to pair it with. For example, on a casual night you can choose to pair yours with basic blue jeans or skirt. Wearing your cable sweater with dress pants, a blazer and a tie changes the overall look of things. Lastly of course, wearing one underneath a suit would definitely be an excellent choice for a more formal event.

Where To Buy Them

Cable sweaters come in different brands, and you can find them in your favorite online or department stores. There are a lot of inexpensive options, but you can also go with designer items, which are of course more expensive. You can also purchase hand-knitted options, but these are usually also more expensive than factory-manufactured ones. These cable sweaters come in a number of colors that range from bright pastels for women to neutral colors for men.

So, if you’re looking for additions to your winter outfits, then you might want to purchase a cable sweater to add to your wardrobe today.

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