Putting Together a Total Home Gym

There are plenty of how-to for decorating your living room, family room and just about any other room in your house. You pick the paint, flooring, furniture, lighting and the list goes on. So why would having a home gym be any different.

Most people that have a home gym just put a piece of equipment in a room and that’s pretty much it. You made a significant investment in yourself when you bought the equipment, so now it’s time to make sure the environment which you work out is deductive to your personality.

Now I am not suggesting you display the priceless statue Constantini Brancusi in your home gym room, would be an interesting choice but not practical. So this will be about practical and style, what I suggest will hopefully springboard you to your own ideas for your space.


Do yourself a favor and stay away from fluorescent bulbs, their effects can cause the feeling of energy drain and eye strain. You will want to go with a full spectrum type of light, daylight bulbs, something that will energize you and be nice and bright. You don’t want a light that flushes you out, you want to be able to look in the mirror and see that definition, so placement and wattage will need to be worked out for your particular taste.


I have seen this more often then not, much of the time flooring is overlooked due to budget restraints if you can work it in then you will find many options in all budget ranges. One of my favorites are hardwood floors, something in a hard oak or even go with a Pergo, durability and overall looks make it a winner, plus it looks all so stylish. So now you have the professional touch, next you will want to purchase rubber mats, quintessential to any home gym, even if your floors are concrete. Not only will you protect your floor but balance out any slight pitches in the equipment.


Colors can mean many things, red for instance is the most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing, how’s that for getting started in the morning workout. That may not be the best option but it’s up to you. I would go with more of a energizing and motivating color, like orange or yellow, nothing to duck like but you can find the right fit, just not so bright you over stimulate your brain. Also try and stay away from the calming colors, like blue, pink and even white. Best advice here is to mix things up a bit and even go with the fade technique to really bring your colors up a notch.


This is nothing I will go into length with as either you already own your equipment or are ready to purchase. If you are purchasing and have the money I would stay away from cheaper gym equipment. Buy quality, the best that fits into your Dumbbell vs barbell bench press budget, you don’t want to rush into this but investigate and do your homework. Think about what you want out of your fitness program, then the “what” of what do you need in a home gym will start to fall into place.

For cardio you can go with a rowing machine, stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill. Possibly even an all in one gym, where you can hit legs, back, biceps, triceps and chest. Get a mat that is specifically for ab, core building, stretching and even other type of aerobic activity. There is plenty of other options like dumbbells, medicine balls, free standing dip & ab station, whatever your need, budget and space allows.

Keep things uncluttered and if your small trampoline is getting in the way then move it out, unless you cannot live without it. There is so much ground we could cover but by now you are probably starting to think about your won space and the best way to arrange your gym to fit. So keep motivated and let your home gym workout space be the place you can sculpt and train your body, may you achieve all your fitness goals.

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