Starting a New Restaurant Business – 4 Things to Consider in a Good Design and Layout Plan

Starting a new restaurant business? To have a successful restaurant, you do need to have a good design and layout plan. Many factors can come into play when you are talking about the design and layout plans. This will in turn influence the final decision at a later stage.

Most people never realized that the output of the layout plan can influence the success or failure of a restaurant.

Sometimes, people come into your restaurant. Even though they don’t like certain things, they will not tell you. They will just have a conversation inside their mind, ‘Why didn’t they place any plants here? The entire place looks so dull!’ or ‘How I wish it can be slightly brighter here. I have to strain my eyes to read the menu!’

Don’t underestimate these small things. They can start to add up and cause your customers to visit another restaurant instead of yours.

Here are 4 factors for you to deal with:

1) Customers Density

When you are planing the layout of your restaurant, you should always make sure that your customers will feel comfortable. Even if you are running a fast food restaurant that can appear crowded during lunch hour, the density of customers should always be one of the factors you should consider.

If your restaurant is specifically set up to attract people of the higher income bracket, then there should be even more spacing between tables. This is because for this kind of licence for alcohol, you are relying more on the price of food items for your revenue rather than the number of customers visiting your restaurant.

It is also a must to include eye candy like fine furniture and art works.

2) Style of Service

The layout and floor plans you will be drafting will certainly be dependent on the kind of services your restaurant will be providing. For fast food and self service restaurants, there is no need to leave too much space between tables.

On the other hand, if you happen to be providing table services, it is obviously important to have a bit more space allowance between each table so as to afford easy navigation.

3) Structure of Building

You need to consider the structure of the building before designing the layout plan. Be sure to take note of all the curves and minor details of the structure first before drafting the layout plan.

4) Lighting Brightness

Without a doubt, lighting is one of the more important factors you have to consider. Depending on the type of service and mood of the restaurant, the lighting should be different. For example, if your restaurant is meant to have a romantic mood, you won’t want the lighting to be too bright. On the other hand, there is no need to have dim lighting in a fast food restaurant since nobody will find a fast food restaurant romantic.

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