The Family Approach to Drug Addiction Treatment

When you visit a trusted center of rehabilitation for drug and Oxycodone Detox alcohol treatment, you may hear how the involvement of an addict’s family is important to the recovery process. Indeed, the love and support of parents, siblings, and other close relatives can help diminish an addict’s desire to abuse drugs – by offering a saner, healthier alternative to the substances used to fill various voids.

Yet, for some family members, there may not be immediate awareness of a problem. Once there is, some may have difficulty deciding how to approach the addicted loved one and help with getting him or her to recovery. Thankfully, many reputable drug rehab clinics have in place effective family programs that educate everyone involved.

If you suspect a family member of abusing marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, or painkillers, it is important to remain calm and weigh your options. Time, of course, is of the essence, as you will want to act quickly before further physical and mental damage can be done. Consulting with counselors and physicians at a reputable rehabilitation clinic can prepare you for the proper intervention procedures needed to get your loved one into recovery.

Once enrolled, your loved one may benefit from a program where family members are actively involved in counseling and support. Group therapy and similar exercises allow family to become closer in this time, perhaps learning more about each other – dreams, conflicts, and desires – than had been previously known. Some activities one might engage in during a family recovery program include:


  • Meaning of Serenity, the Serenity Prayer
  • Understanding Addiction
  • Disease and its Progression
  • Identifying & Understanding other types of compulsions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Illness of Addiction
  • Definition of Co-Dependency
  • Enabling defined & Behaviors Identified
  • Growing up with addicted Parents
  • Needs in Recovery for Family Members
  • Al-Anon
  • How to Get Started
  • Detachment
  • Understanding Family Recovery
  • Communication & Feelings

More importantly, family recovery programs allow loved ones to communicate better with each other. The more open the dialog, the better the chances of recovery for the addict, and the better the chances for prolonged sobriety. 


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