The Top Two Things To See

With the Pyramids being included in one of the eight wonders of the ancient world, it is no surprise that Egypt is enjoying an abundant number of tourists every year. Aside from the marvelous and mysterious pyramids, Egypt has so much more to offer-its colorful and historic culture, the friendly people, the ancient ruins, and so much more. Moreover, Egypt is not just home to the Sphinx, temples, and pharaohs. It is also the place where authentic Mediterranean cuisine can be enjoyed. A joyful mix of European, Arab, Turkish, Greek, and Roman dishes and delicacies, having meals in Egypt will surely be as fun as the trip itself. People who are into shopping will also love the jewelries, ancient and royal rugs, ethnic arts objects, and carpets available on the nearby stores. There are also adorable miniature pyramids, temples, statuettes, and more available.

CAIRO – One of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt is the Memphis and Saqqara, which were built by King Menes himself. In here, one can find the Statue of Ramessess II made of fine-grained limestone. The churches and mosques in Cairo are worth visiting as well, including Al-Muaallaqah or the Hanging Church, Church of Sitt Barbara, Church of the Virgin in Zaytoun, Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-Aas (Al-Fustat), Mosque of Sultan Hassan, and other Islamic locations like the Fortress of Salah-Al-Din (Saladin) and the Museum of Islamic Art (Bab Al-Khalq). Modern structures to spend time on are the National Cultural Center (Opera House), Cairo Tower (Gezirah), the Military Museum (The Citadel), and more. For those who want to relax with nature, popular gardens are the Andalusian Gardens, Fish Gardens in Zamalek and International Garden in the city of Nasr.

GIZA – Another one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt, Giza is Warhammer 40k home to the pyramids. These pyramids are the oldest structures on earth made by man, dating back for more than 43enturies. T che only monument left was the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops) and this is the one included in the seven wonders of the ancient world. Also in Giza, one can find that ever so popular The Sphinx, also known as Abu-al-Hol or Father of Terror. Place outside the Great Pyramid, it has long been believed to be older than the pyramids themselves. The Sphinx was deemed to resemble the human face of King Kephren with a body of a lion. On the same area, one can also enjoy other pyramids like The Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus) and The Pyramid of Khafre (Chephren). There is also the Solar Boat Museum in Giza located on top of the area where the solar boats were located. In 1954, these solar boats were excavated and according to ancient stories, these boats carried the body of Khufu so he can cross the Nile River towards the Temple.


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